The Giving Garden is a space for you. Anyone may come, anytime, to plant, to nurture, to harvest-and with the harvest, to give.
It is a place for you to take a break, to learn, and, in time, to fill a need: flowers for a friend, tomatoes for a shut-in, sweet corn for the
charity barbecue...the plants which are grown here will be given, the time to care
for them given, and, in time, the harvest will all be there for you.

Consider this an invitation to come and see the garden for yourself. It's on Highway 43
adjacent to the Ferguson Forest Centre - across from the Creekside Centre.
The Garden already looks like a park as a result of the
most giving community, and with time, energy and the
ongoing help of volunteers this welcoming spot will beckon
visitors to return time and again. It is your Giving Garden,
stop in anytime to plant a seed, pull a weed--or fill a need.