Several years ago, long-time North Grenville resident Terry McEvoy conceived the
idea of a Giving Garden - taking some vacant municipal land next to the Ferguson
Forest Centre in Kemptville, and turning it into a productive community garden run
by volunteers. The purpose of the garden would be to make the harvest available
to those in need.

With the support of the North Grenville Special Projects Committee, the project was
approved but slow to get off the ground.

Terry's explanation for the Giving Garden was simple: "I have been given so much.
I just wanted to give something back." Sadly, Terry passed away suddenly in 2009,
but his vision lives on.

Today, volunteers from every corner of the municipality have stepped forward to plant,
water, weed and nurture the Giving Garden into existence.

Groups involved include:

  • Community Living North Grenville
  • St. Mike's High School
  • The Horticultural Society
  • Local businesses and citizens

Download the Giving Garden Fable [PDF]
Download Don Munz's sketch of the Giving Garden plan [JPEG]
Read a message from Terry [PDF]
Hear Terry talk about bees and life [MP3]
(an interview with Lucy Martin, 2007, for North Country Public Radio)
Download a sheet of gift cards [PDF]
(Print it out on perforated card stock. Include it with a gift from the Garden!)