Everyone is invited to the Giving Garden to garden, to relax, or enjoy a picnic, or to harvest a gift to pass on when they are ready. It is a place from which you cannot steal because if you really need it, it was planted for you!

The gardener in the Giving Garden plants seeds in two places - one is in the garden and the other in people's minds. The Giving Garden needs people only to garden and pass on the gifts. You can be one, or both.

June Volunteers meet at the Giving Garden a Saturday morning in early June, after the beds have been prepared, to plant vegetable seeds and donated plants. All are welcome to attend. The more hands, the lighter the load!
July Volunteers are needed to keep the flower, vegetable and herb gardens free of weeds during the summer months. Community members are welcome to drop by the Garden at their leisure to weed or hoe. Tools can be found in the garden shed for community use at the Garden. Visitors might see the start of vegetables ready for harvest! Please consider who might benefit from a gift from you.
August In the months of July and August volunteers gather at 9 a.m. for ‘Weedless Wednesdays’ at the Giving Garden to weed as a community and harvest produce for giving away to those in need.
September All are welcome to use the garden as a refuge from their busy lives, a quiet place to hoe a row, read a book, share a meal, have a meeting, pick some flowers for a friend.
October Volunteers meet at the Giving Garden a Saturday morning in early October to clean up the beds before winter. There is a compost area on the property where refuse can be placed. All are welcome to attend.

To learn more, or to discover how you can give of your time, please contact Michelle McEvoy, at michelle.mcevoy@ocdsb.ca